Virtually Connected

The tools and community supporting virtual working is a continually evolving field that will grow as the global remote workforce expands.  Meet a few organizations that are focused on developing the Human Connection of remote working.


Collaboration Superpowers

Stories of remote teams doing great things

Packed with stories and tips for those whose business models depend upon successfully bridging distance, we have interviewed early adopters of remote working and bring you their lessons learned.

This is a birds-eye view with plenty of zoomed-in detail of how business is adapting and perfecting the art of remote collaboration in simple, creative ways to build remote teams that do great things.

Lisette Sutherland, Director


Lisette Sutherland interview with Gerard Beaulieu


Prelude is a virtual team game that helps teammates work better together.

Whether teams are working around the table or around the world, improving performance by increasing trust and engagement has never been more mission critical.

Prelude is a virtual team game that uniquely helps to accelerate trust and improve collaboration. It provides a safe, fast, fun way for new teams to get to know each other and to practice project skills prior to their actual project. It also helps revitalize teams already working together. Team members are then better able to identify individual strengths as well as harness their diverse assets in a cohesive, purposeful way.

Prelude integrates twenty virtual team best practices in one elegant solution combining proprietary psychometrics and creative process. A blended learning version is also available for traditional workshop settings.




The Sandstone organization are Team Building and Away Day Specialists.  Offering a combination on co-located and virtual team building.

Virtual Products

  • VirtuWall
  • Space Rescue
  • MiniTreasure

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Real Team Building for Global / Virtual Teams

Virtual teams need real team building every bit as much – and maybe even more so – than traditional teams. VirtuWall is our flagship activity for geographically-spread teams. It is a full-blown team building activity that has been designed exclusively for global / virtual teams. People join in from wherever they based around the world – from offices and home offices alike.