Team Geoguessr


The Team Geoguessr activity is a great way to have a bit of fun with a video conference environment, screen sharing service (goto meeting/Webex), and social video services like blab and google hangouts.  It encourages team problem solving and discovery.  The activity requires the team to identify 5 random google street view locations.  Points are awarded if the location guess is close to the real location that is being displayed.  After 5 guesses, a total score is awarded.  You can challenge the team to better themselves each round.

What you Need


Technology with Screen Sharing Service

This ice breaker lends itself very easily to a screen sharing service. The individual moderating the ice breaker must be able to share their screen with the team. Responses by the participants can be in the form of chat and audio.

  • Screen Share services (Goto Meeting, Webex, etc.)
  • Google Hangouts
  • Video Conference Services with screen capture (Skype, Zoom, etc.)
Non-Screen Sharing Service (Blab)

In order to play Geoguessr, a screen capture tool is required.  If the service you are using is not capable of screen capture, there are a few products that do this.  Manycam, Splitcam, and Camtwist (imac) all are capable to doing a screen capture and sending to a product like Blab.


This Ice Breaker is accomplished by a single individual (meeting moderator) playing an activity on the service Geoguessr ( The moderator can play in geoguessr single player or as a challenge.  Single player is more simple for the purposes of this exercise. (The Single Player mode is referring to the mode on Geoguessr as opposed to the ice breaker participants).  The moderator should play a few games before trying with other participants so they are familiar with the controls and understand how the game works. Encourage the listeners to get involved by guessing via chat.  Assign one of the panel to moderate the chat.  Have a timer handy to keep the location search to the 1 minute limit.  
Note that geoguessr allows you to choose specific countries and cities if you wan to narrow the game geographically.

Geoguessr (

  1. Find 5 random locations on google street view
  2. Participants can google signs and move anywhere during the location identification
  3. Panel and guests help find on world map
  4. 1 minute per location
  5. Beat a score of 10,000


See the test our first Blab Team Guesser Ice Breaker at 36:45 Link to Blab

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