Virtually Transforming Teams

Why Does This Work?

  • Ice breakers are a popular way to get a co-located group energized.  Why would a conference call be any different?
  • The remote workforce have to overcome the challenges of isolation.  Virtual Ice Breakers is an innovative tool to engage your remote employees.
  • Engaging activities allows a team to connect.  Coworkers that feel more connected, interact with greater respect.
  • Many technical connection solutions exist …. what about tools for human connection?

How Does it Work?

  • Sign up for an Ice Breaker
  • At your next conference call, start the call with 15-20 minutes of fun interaction
  • At the end of the Ice Breaker, continue your meeting with a more energized, creative, and bonded team.

Who Uses Our Service?

  • Any organization with home based workforce
  • Network marketing team-building
  • Any team that is geographically dispersed that does not have the luxury of physically meeting
  • A global organization that has multiple international locations

Watch an Example


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What’s New

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A simulated conference meeting invite will be sent to your email.  The demo will operate very similar to a real Ice Breaker meeting.

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